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MOT test centres must stick to VOSA MOT retesting regulations.

MOT re-testing rules tend to be particularly challenging and incredibly uninteresting. Let us set the scenario to help you as to when you can and cannot get the FREE re-test.

Firstly, the first regulation tends to be that when a the vehicle has failed its MOT, the applicable time for the completion of any repair and any resulting re-test is just 10 trading days following on from the first day of test. This is true so long as your car has been mended and accordingly registered to have a re-test before the end of 10 working days. If all of the above is accurate, then the computerised MOT test program all MOT stations make use of would, at that time, let us to register your family car and carry out the re-test.

The second procedure would be that at the time of an MOT test it is all too often true that one or two items may be tested again right away nevertheless on the other hand certain issues would need significantly more targeted evaluation.

As an example;

  • Case in point the vehicle or light van falls short on 1 tyre; then a replaced tyre is not hard to identify and a "fast track" MOT retest can be accomplished, consuming only a little while for the MOT tester to perform and as a result shouldn't attract a re-test bill.
  • Or a different example: If your car fails the MOT check on headlamp aims, emissions, and braking systems; in such cases the vehicle or light van needs to be scheduled with your nearest Edinburgh VOSA MOT garage for a part re-test and taken in to the MOT test bay, once there an emissions assessment needs to be done, a light concentrated overall examination completed and a detailed braking system test executed. This work quite often takes added amounts of the MOT testers time, and for these reasons it's going to as a rule attract a re-test expense.

For this reason whilst we, and practically every MOT test station, markets and provides FREE retests it's, often, dependant on when the family car is brought for its MOT check in Edinburgh and consequently just what your vehicle or light commercial vehicle failed the MOT on.

NOTABLY - in the instance that your vehicle or light commercial vehicle fails get through it's MOT check with us here within Edinburgh VOSA MOT centre and it is later fixed by us, then it follows that we'll generally complete any retest FREE (i.e. at zero cost to you), this is our thanks to you personally for preferring to turn to our Edinburgh VOSA MOT test centre workshops.

If you need further explanation, then here's a list of the 100 % free retest points (if your vehicle failed the MOT relating to these components then a fast track retest could very well be carried out).

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